Bronchiodilated Blues
Song lyrics from the album "No Time Like the Future "

Bronchiodilated Blues   Bernard Carney 1989 

I'm taking two types of nasal decongestant

I'm chock full of pseudoephydrine

My overflowing sinus

Shows no sign of dryness

I'm just an aching mucus making machine

Ive got vaseline smeared on my nostrils

I've got a eucalyptus poultice in my shoes

I've got the sniffling analgesic decongestant

Anticholinergic bronchiodilated blues


I've got a cough that heavy smokers would be proud of

But this expectorant is making me blastpheme

Oh ipecacuanha,just leave it 'til manyana

I'm in a drowsy anti-histamine dream

There's sudafed orthoxicol and codeine

Not to mention many other potent brews

I've got the sniffling and inflamatory

Chronic upper respitory bronchiodilated blues


And it's costing me a fortune

How much more can i endure

Of this stupid little virus

That can easily inspire us

To dispose of all our money on the cure


Maybe my attitude's a wrong one

They say i've got to love my disease

But there's nothing so erotic

In an antibiotic

When you're living with a permanent wheeze

It seems to last forever when you've got it

I dont know if i'm ever going to lose

This healthiness embargo

With the lozenges and gargles

The benzocaines and phenols

That upset all my renals

Oh god please let there be a

Mystic magic panacea

For the the sniffling analgesic decongestant

Absolutely stuffed up bronchiodilated blues





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